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The first Residential Home at Cayman by West Indies Broker by Malin Ratcliffe

The first Residential Home at Cayman by West Indies Broker

The first residential home build by Malin Ratcliffe of West Indies Brokers (Homes) was 15 years ago, having envisioned that there was a noted inventory absence in the Grand Cayman Real Estate market at that time for good quality Canal Front luxury residences and Malin set out to rectify this state of affairs by designing and building #25 Calico Quay, a Canal Point Residence (a gated canal front executive residential neighborhood on Grand Cayman).
#25 Calico Quay, a Canal Point Residence, was designed and built on the forethought that a home should always provide its owner a design that withstands the test of time.  All of Malin's home designs are developed, with the underlying foundation, that the home will be as fresh in appearance together with maintaining its architectural heritage and time-honored presence for a lifetime. 
#25 Calico Quay, was devised with the French Caribbean architecture in mind.  Molding the traditional West Indies plantation character with a Caribbean flair!  One fun memory of the build process is to note is that at the time, the exterior color of the house (with the combination of the exterior shutter color), was a groundbreaking choice in Grand Cayman at the time and caused, in short, quite a stir, all be it shortly thereafter, the exact exterior color of the house has been imitated on residential and commercial real estate in the Cayman Islands multitude of times since!
The purchasers are still enjoying their home to their utmost and since purchase have never looked back!