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MARKET ANALYSIS TOUR OF GRAND CAYMAN with INSIDER, Malin Ratcliffe, Broker, West Indies Brokers, district by beautiful district.


BODDEN TOWN and surrounding areas, Grand Cayman (district of Bodden Town)

Oh Bodden Town, one of the most picturesque townships on Grand Cayman!  Also it can boast that historically it was Cayman Island’s first Capital.  

We are continuing our travels along the Shamrock Road route taking us into the Lower Valley area of Grand Cayman which can brag having the best soil for agriculture and farming easily accessible on Grand Cayman.  Home to the Islands agricultural center and fair grounds. Fantastic tracks of land and ranch style country style real estate homes are up for attainment in this quiet and serene area of Grand Cayman.  Pedro’s Castle a Grand Cayman Historical Landmark:  “At a time in the Cayman Islands when most people lived in tiny, thatch-covered houses, a wealthy Englishman, using slave labour from Jamaica, created an astonishing 3-storey building called Pedro St. James. In the 1990s, the Government of the Cayman Islands purchased Pedro St. James and painstakingly restored the Great House to the splendor of its 18th century heritage.”  A must visit destination.

west indies broker pedro st

Beach Bay is next on the geographical journey map and is simply a lovely stretch of the Grand Cayman coast line, with over 30 foot high cliffs that rewards a home owner with tremendous ocean front views for miles around.  This area also enjoys a cove area with nice sand beaches.  Property prices in this area of real estate on Grand Cayman range from approximately US$300K and up dependent upon location, land and or an already built home. A mixed-use luxury resort, “St James Point” on 1,000 feet of natural beach and will include a 200 room branded hotel and 75 residential units in the Beach Bay area is slated to commence within the next couple of years.  A growing area.

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Pease Bay, Breakers and Betty Bay Point enjoys some of the most serene beaches on Grand Cayman.  Entering the Frank Sound, Cottage Point and Half Moon Bay we have to make note of the fantastic, brand new, Health City development which is provides compassionate, high-quality, affordable healthcare services for all in a world-class, comfortable, patient-centered environment. We are certainly very fortunate to have such a facility in our outer lying districts.  

west indies brokers bodden health city development

Large tracts of land in this area is readily available for investment and it is simply our pleasure to guide towards the best investment for its designated purpose (s).