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MARKET ANALYSIS TOUR OF GRAND CAYMAN with INSIDER, Malin Ratcliffe CHAPTER 5 East End by Malin Ratcliffe


MARKET ANALYSIS TOUR OF GRAND CAYMAN with INSIDER, Malin Ratcliffe, Broker, West Indies Brokers, district by beautiful district.


EAST END and surrounding areas, Grand Cayman (district of East End)

The majestic East End, one of the most tranquil districts on Grand Cayman.

The view out the window while traveling on Sea View Road heading towards High Rock and Sparrow Point is simply stunning as one experiences peek-a-boo vistas of crystal clear water through the palm trees and fronses along the road. One passes some lovely real estate on this route, such as the Oceanus beach front residence currently asking US$6.75M and for instance the very popular short term rental property of Cayman Castes and beach cottage on the market for the discerning income producing property investor at US$4.65M.

Continuing along Austin Conolly Drive through the tranquil and picturesque town of East End having just passed by the “lover’s wall” onto the Queens Highway, the Grand Cayman ‘highway’ inducted by Queen Elizabeth on her visit in 1994. Stopping in at the Wreck of the Tens sails is a must, then we find ourselves traveling towards most popular time share development communities of Morritt’s Tortuga and The Wyndham Reef Resort which is also a very popular “staycation” destination for the locals!  A stop in here for a mudslide, a soda or a rum runner is a must.

Along the Queens Highway are some fantastic real estate properties ranging in price for raw ocean front land from US$100K to US$3.5M for beach front land along with private residences such as the classic Laughing Waters at US$1.495M to the majestic Twin Coves Estate offered at US$14.5M.

Some wonderful condominiums complexes are to be found along the Austin Conolly Drive, Queens Highway and Old Robin Point Road, such as the On the Bay development and the Northern Lights complex, both enjoying sugary sand and beach front access and views. Prices start at US$399K – not bad for a piece of East End paradise!