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Scenic view of the Cayman Islands


MARKET ANALYSIS TOUR OF GRAND CAYMAN with INSIDER, Malin Ratcliffe, Broker, West Indies Brokers, district by beautiful district.



The words of a select few that will reemerge throughout this bespoke “district chapter” market analysis tour of Grand Cayman with me, Malin Ratcliffe, a Caymanian and resident on Grand Cayman for the last 25 years, are going to be diverse, beautiful, serene, pristine and simply unique in many forms – that is the Cayman Islands in a ‘conch shell’!

Having been in the Cayman Islands real estate market and business for over 15 years, I am one of a few that truly know the market and its multifaceted history coupled with the present and future adhesion of why real estate is one of the preeminent investments to effect in your investment portfolio.

Come along as we first take a tour of The exceptionally diverse District of WEST BAY, Grand Cayman

West Bay is purely an incredibly diverse district that enjoys properties for sale that range from as little at US$50,000.00 for a piece of land up to over US$8.5million for a 10,000 sqft executive family residence (SeaForever) on the beach front on Boggy Sands Road.

Palmetto Point is the premiere location for the Islands kite surfers that utilizes the private and public pristine beaches of the ‘north shore’ of West Bay, where Conch Point and Spanish Bay are also located. Conch Point has some beautiful private homes along with condos that range from US$800K to over US$2million in acquisition price. However to cater to all pocket books, Villas Pappagallo at Conch Point a unit can be had for around US$350K. The Shores, a canal front, boater friendly gated community, boasts canal front lots from US$380K to canal front high end homes from US$1.5M and up.

Cayman Real Estate is an ever booming market
Cayman Real Estate is an ever booming market

Being in West Bay one has to also concentrate and take time to look and review the areas of Boatswain Bay, home to the Cayman Turtle Farm and more so, the home of lovely beach front and water front properties in the district. North West Point is where the Seven Mile Beach finishes and West Bay proper begins. This area of the Island is certainly seeing tremendous growth as of late and in turn the property prices are reflecting this attention. A residence sale of US$2.2million in the area in April quantifies the shift. Land is still available to purchase with fantastic views of Seven Mile Beach and George Town.

Leaving West Bay ‘proper’, we cannot forget to mention the serene and simply beautiful Boggy Sands Road which entertains some of the loveliest homes on Seven Mile Beach north. This area is always a good investment and a new developer in the space is currently making the area more exciting with the “Boggy Sands” condo development which will enjoy 5 star amenities with large sqft condo sizes starting in the high US$800K.