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A purchaser in today’s market can afford themselves with a substantially attractive Cayman Islands inland property in the low USD200,000.00 to a multi-million dollar property high on a cliff or right next to a soft coral sandy beach just steps from the back patio. The variety of property selection is fabulously abundant. The only restriction would be the investors pocket book or investment memorandum!

We really do feel that the Cayman Islands real estate is extremely good value for the investor’s money and comparative to the immediate geographical countries to the Cayman Islands jurisdiction, property is tremendously well priced and looking regionally this comparison also sustains.

The Cayman property market has fared very well during the global down turn. Many in the industry may say that we have not (comparing to their sales profomas), however proportional to the global market, Cayman Islands properties have held their value better than most countries including the USA, Europe, Panama and neighboring Islands. Sales in the market in 2010 where down around 30%=/- while average value of sales have not declined, thereby the value of property prices have remained firm, and have in turn afforded their owners with a cushion factor not seen in other places.

The natural beauty of Cayman combined with a stable government, affluent population and sophisticated infrastructure has contributed to one of the region’s strongest real estate markets. Grand Cayman has provided long-term sustainable growth since its first tourism oriented developments in the 60s and the 70s. In the past 15 years, properties have averaged an annual increase in value exceeding 12%. For the highest end properties currently valued at over US$2 million, the annual increase in value is even higher.

Investing in the Cayman Islands TODAY will afford sustainable appreciation of your investment for years to come. With the DART Group’s construction of the Kimpton Hotel “Sea Fire” slated to open November 2016 which encompasses a hotel and high end high level private residences we are seeing a revitalization of the northern sector of Seven Mile Beach thus there are some properties and condominium complexes in this segment that are poised for redevelopment and short term appreciation.

Truly exciting times in the Cayman Islands real estate market for investors!